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LANDCLAN offers unrivalled location intelligence for address validation and location verification, along with our GIS Application for searching, scoring, indexing and analysing land parcels.

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Unique Place Analytics and Insights, only a Geographical Information System can deliver

LANDCLAN’s Location Intelligence is the ultimate solution for organisations who seek to take advantage of the true potential of location-based insights and analytics. Whether you’re in public services, retail, real estate, logistics, or any other industry that relies on location data, our cutting-edge capabilities combined with the most accurate data available enables you to build custom intelligence models within minutes to empower you to make data-driven decisions like never before.

Attributes for every address
-500 +
Attributes for every address
-500 +
Attributes for every address
-500 +

Floor level: 10th
Rooms: 3 bedrooms
Size: 104sqm
Delivery point: Main door

Energy efficiency: +++
Main heating: electric
Total trees: 5
Solar radiation: 105 w/m2

Lat: 53.423400
Long: -2.957850
Wind speed: 6.98 m/s

Crime rate: +6%
Flooding risk: 30%
Next Pharmacy: 500m

What you’ll get with LANDCLAN’s Intelligent Location Data

LANDCLAN’s location data helps to understand, design and improve the physical and social aspects of a place by analysing various spatial data layers such as demographics, transportation networks, land use and constraints. Our rich tapestry of data enables you to make informed decisions on urban planning and design, marketing campaigns or tactical decisions on your business’ future.

Search by either an address, a building, a parcel or a postcode to get any or all of the following insights:

Land Use and Planning

Gain comprehensive insights into land use, planning policies, and applications for any parcel, enabling you to make informed decisions about development opportunities and compliance.

Infrastructure Impact

Understand which addresses are affected by major infrastructure improvements, helping you assess the potential benefits or disruptions to your properties.

Slope Analysis

Evaluate terrain suitability with minimum and maximum slope percentage data, crucial for construction and land development projects.

Ownership Details

Explore current and historic ownership information, differentiating between Freehold and Leasehold properties, aiding in due diligence and investment decisions.

Property Valuation

Obtain real-time property valuations using an automated valuation model, helping you assess the current market value accurately.

Parcel Size and Development

Understand the size of the parcel, developed area percentage, and strategic land percentage, assisting in land utilisation planning.

Building Constraints

Identify constraints affecting the property, ensuring compliance with local regulations and avoiding costly setbacks.

Parcel Hazards

Assess hazards affecting the parcels within your portfolio, providing critical safety information for occupants and developers.

Demographic Comparison

Compare multiple buildings of the same type using demographic and social data, including population density, age breakdown by gender, age, ethnicity, educational attainment, aggregated and median earnings, and crime statistics.

Policy Analysis

Conduct policy-driven analysis to identify addresses, buildings, and parcels affected by specific policies. For example, pinpoint sites meeting the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) policy not yet selected by the local authority, or find SHLAA sites selected by the local authority that don't meet local policy criteria.

LANDCLAN makes this all incredibly easy to integrate within any website or software and facilities full flexibility for a tailored solution. Our flexible API gives you direct access to all data you need.

Taking that even further, the advanced location intelligence that LANDCLAN offers allows you to gain insights into the validated address data. Armed with those additional insights, you can improve both your operation and the customer’s experience without any additional work for the customer.

Geofencing analytics:
Opening up a new world of possibilities

Enable geofencing analytics with LANDCLAN’s Location Intelligence. This powerful science that leverages the integration of location-based technology and data analysis to provide invaluable insights. By defining virtual boundaries or “geofences” around specific geographic areas, this technology enables the tracking and monitoring within those boundaries.

Geofencing analytics goes beyond location tracking; it allows businesses to understand user behaviour, trigger personalised notifications, and gather crucial data on customer engagement. This data-driven approach aids in optimising marketing strategies, improving operational efficiency, enhancing security and, ultimately, delivering better, location-aware experiences to customers and stakeholders. Geofencing analytics is at the forefront of the modern era of hyper-targeted, context-aware decision-making, offering business leaders a competitive edge.

How your business or organisation will benefit

Use Cases


Optimise store locations, inventory management, and marketing strategies.

Real Estate

Make informed property investments, track property values, and analyse market trends.

Logistics and Transportation

Optimise routes, reduce fuel costs, and enhance supply chain efficiency.

Government and Municipalities

Improve urban planning, emergency response, and public services.

Data Scientists

Maximise your insights on location data and build custom intelligence models in minutes.

Why Choose LANDCLAN as your
Location Intelligence solution provider?

With LANDCLAN’s Location Intelligence offering, you can gain deep insights into your data with advanced geospatial analytics, relying on many years of experience within the GIS market. Understand customer demographics, market trends, and competition like never before, creating stunning, custom maps to visualise your data. Overlay any address, building, parcel or postcode with information like demographics, size, ownership information, and more on interactive maps for better decision-making. LANDCLAN’s Location Intelligence solution gives you access to up-to-the-minute location data, enabling you to respond to changes in real-time, optimise routes, and adjust strategies on the fly. In addition, with our flexible API you can integrate all information directly into your system or use our address cleansing and enrichment service to get a comprehensive overview of all your location data. Our service is designed to grow with your business while ensuring top-tier security measures to protect your sensitive data.

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