LandClan's mission is to democratize land and property information and analysis for our subscribers. We are doing this by tapping into the power and flexibility of the cloud and AI technologies to deliver instant, user-friendly and valuable analysis, in a way that is considerably easier and more cost-effective than traditional approaches.
Conventional solutions for land and property analysis are complex, costly and inflexible: creating obstacles rather than solutions to accessing and analyzing data. In fact, many of the newly developed 'PropTech' solutions are merely toolkits, without the necessary capacity for data processing and analysis to meet the demand for data-driven insight that is crucial for property investors to make well-informed decisions.
Our Global Solution
LandClan represents a step change in the technological enablement of land development and analysis.

Developed from the ground up as a cloud service, it capitalizes on the advanced architecture and technology of the public cloud and Esri to enable users to view and analyze any land parcel on earth.

It does so by harnessing data intelligence and patent pending algorithms to index every single factor affecting land for development, presenting that data in every conceivable way: from feasibility and sustainability analyses to climate offset actions and 3D visualizations of the redeveloped site.

LandClan doesn’t just promise the earth, it delivers on that promise.